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"Time of Silence" Maxim Malillo

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Since December 11, the art gallery "Manufactura" invites you to the exhibition of paintings by the modern Ukrainian artist Maxim Malillo "Time of Silence".

Maxim Malillo is a young representative of the Kiev school of painting. His painting is built on the fundamental principles and achievements of the academic school; it is a classic, saturated with modern views, fresh ideas and the young blood of Ukrainian art.

Within the framework of the "Time of Silence" exposition, the artist's work is represented by 31 works of various formats in all genres traditional for academism: landscape, still life, portrait, subject and historical painting.
The skillfully executed painting of Maxim kaleidoscopically reflects and allows one to experience the whole range of emotions and feelings. From lyrical contemplation to unbridled delight. From fragile sensitivity to heart-breaking drama.

The exposition is based on the first three works of the artist's large-scale project "The Life of the Ukrainian People": "Hutsul Wedding", "Milky Way" and "Spring-33". Each work is dedicated to a specific historical event, which at one time influenced the formation of the Ukrainian people as a nation. “Referring to various cultural and historical events and referring to my own experience, I tried in each work to focus the viewer's attention on the originality and authenticity of my people,” says the author. Within two years, the artist plans to add five more canvases to the cycle.

“Time of Silence” is the name of the exposition based on the artist's work of the same name and the image that runs like a red thread through all the works of the author.The time when everything around is silent, and the past, future and present are connected at one point, which is less than an instant and at the same time is an eternity.

Maxim Malillo is an oxymoron of the artistic world, in the best sense of the word. In his art, the incompatible is combined - the classical academic school and a modern fresh look at art, a balanced and at the same time expressive and free manner, and the heroes looking at us from canvases are eternal, saturated with the passage of time, they were, are and will be. And they will always find a response in the heart of the viewer.

Maxim Malillo (born 1996). Graduated from the Professional College of Arts. A. Erdeli of the Transcarpathian Art Institute (Uzhgorod, 2011-2015), the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAOMA, workshop of academician M. Guida) (Kiev, 2015-2021). Participant of exhibitions of young artists (Lera Litvinova Gallery, Gamma, TV Center "Karandash", art foyer of the Kiev National Academic Operetta Theater, etc.), the All-Ukrainian Biennale (2020) and numerous art competitions (participant of the competitive art exhibition of Viktor Zaretsky (2016), II World Youth Forum of Arts (Soho Square, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, 2019), winner of the Alexander Murashko competition (first prize) (2018), etc.). He teaches painting at the Kiev State Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts and Design. M. Boychuk (from 2021). He sold his painting for the first time at the age of 12. Since that time, the artist's works have been replenished with private collections in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, China and Ukraine.Maxim Malillo's exhibition "Time of Silence" will be held at the Art Gallery "Manufactura" from December 11 to February 10.
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