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Gifts for holidays with discounts!

The time is coming for the holidays, which means it's time to choose magical gifts for loved ones!

The best ideas for New Year's gifts are waiting for you in the Manufactura outlet village.

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AG Nobili In addition to outlet prices up to -50%Alta moda Up to -70%

Alter Ego Up to -80%

Asthik Up to -70%

Baldinini Up to -70%

Best Collection Up to -90%

Brands Fix Price від 1000 UAH

Brands Hub -50% for everything, when buying from 2 units. additional -10% in the check

Bisse -50% for everything, when buying from 2 units. additional -10% in the check

Cacharel Up to -80% for previous seasons

Cardi (Escada, Hugo Boss) Additional -20% to current discounts for selected models

Carre Blanc Up to -60%

Cocon Up to -90%

Chantal Up to -90% and Fix Price

Charisma Up to -70%

Classic Club Up to -70%

Cult Fashion Up to -90%

Daniel Up to -70%

Domino Lady Extra -40%

Domino Man Extra -40%

Duran Up to -70% and Fix Price

Ultimo Zegna Bally Armanі 1 + 1 = 3 for certain brands until 31.12.

Forte Up to -70%

Fashion Group Up to -90%

Garcia Jeans Up to -70% and Fix Price

Helen Marlen C 17-31.12.additional -40% for certain product groups

Hi Fi Terra Up to -50%

Hiton -40% on new arrivals; up to -80% for previous seasons

Ingenue Up to -90%

Incardigan Extra -20%

IL sole Additional -20% for new arrivals and -10% for the last season

IFG outlet (Max Mara) -50%; -60%

Karl Lagerfeld Up to -70%

La Perla Up to -80%

Lacoste -40% and special offers

Lapin House Up to -70%

Lalelu Additionally up to -50%

Luxury shopping outlet men Up to -90%

Luxury shopping outlet woman Up to -90%

Makmar Up to -80%

Marc Aurel Up to -80%

Marc Cain Up to -90%

Marella Up to -80%

Melato Additional -20% on goods with discounts up to 50%

Max & co. Up to -80%

Manzoni outlet Up to -70%

Ostriv 1 Up to -90%

Ostriv 2 Up to -90%

Patrizia Pepe Up to -80% and additionally -20%

Patte-patte Up to -30% for certain product groups

Priori Up to -70%

Podium Up to -90%

Paul & Shark Up to -50%

Roy Robson Up to -70%

Reiss Up to -90%

She & He Up to -80%

Symbol milfey Up to -90%

Symbol men Up to -90%

Superstep Up to -80%

Secret Room Extra -10% and -15% on swimwear from new arrivals

Triumph Up to -70%

US Kids Up to -70%

Vintage Club Extra -30% for certain product groups

Optics Up to -50%

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